Monday, February 22, 2016

Smoke Damage: A Brief Overview

By Justin Gallagher

A house fire is likely the most devastating experience that a residential property owner has to handle. Once you move past the immediate shock regarding what has transpired, it will be significant for you to remain as calm as possible. It is essential to understand what is going on and which actions to take so that your property can be restored quickly and correctly. One of the primary issues that you'll need to address in the aftermath of the fire is smoke damage. Learn more about smoke damage and how to handle it by reading this brief overview:

The Two Types Of Smoke Damage
There are two basic types of smoke damage that you should be aware of: visible soot and invisible residue/odors. There are several distinct types of smoke residue, and many of them can be remedied. For example, dry smoke is a form of smoke which results from fires that burned quickly at high temperatures. Smoke of this kind leaves a powdery, dry soot on your property. It is easy to clean. Another type of smoke damage is wet smoke, and this form results from low-temperature fires that burn slowly. Wet smoke leaves a sticky residue while protein smoke leaves no residue that is detectable by the human eye.

Restoration Options
Once you've figured out what type of smoke damage your furniture and property have sustained, it's time to determine which kind of restoration services you'll need. There are three options available to you:

• Cleaning. This is the first part of the restoration process, and it is also the easiest. Cleaning involves removing residues left by the fire and smoke damage.

• Resurfacing. If cleaning does not fully restore your property, the remediation specialists will often resurface things like carpets, wallpapers and upholstery.

• Replacing. If some of your household items and materials cannot be restored by the cleaning and resurfacing processes, they will need to be replaced. In this case, the most expedient and appropriate course of action is to attain new furnishings. However, this course of action is only necessary if the property is beyond repair through general, cosmetic work.

Let Us Restore Your Property 
If you find that your property has been affected by smoke damage, the professionals of SERVPRO can restore your property with speed and skill. We offer 24/7 emergency services and have developed over 1,650 franchises because of our commitment to providing cutting edge, client-centered services. We're ready to help you right now.

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